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Our History


FCS Industrial Solutions is the industrial services division of FCS, Inc. Since its founding, the firm has provided a wide range of janitorial and industrial cleaning solutions for all types of business facilities. From humble beginnings, FCS, Inc. has grown into one of the leading service providers in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions.

A Basement Start

Floor Care Specialists, Inc. (FCS, Inc.) began in 1988 as a side business for two men, Lewis “Buddy” Smith and his brother-in-law Keith White. The company started with an old pickup truck, a floor buffer, and a few basic cleaning supplies. It operated out of Buddy’s basement. The company had a simple goal of providing basic janitorial services in a professional manner at a competitive price.

After several months of small projects, the company was awarded its first full service contract with the Danville Urologic Clinic in downtown Danville, Virginia. As a point of pride, FCS, Inc. has maintained its service contract with this exceptional clinic ever since.

buddy smith
Buddy Smith

Steady Growth

Throughout the early 1990s, the company grew at a steady rate. It won more full-service janitorial contracts and was recognized by 1995 as a quality local provider of janitorial services. Its staff grew to 15 people.

By 2000, FCS, Inc. was a well-established company with service contracts throughout the southside of Virginia. The firm worked to increase its capacity to service larger accounts with the same approach of providing professional cleaning at a competitive price. Putting its service first, the larger accounts had challenging cleaning and maintenance needs that FCS, Inc. would pursue.

In the mid-2000s, Buddy’s eldest son, Conrad, joined the FCS, Inc. team, focusing on sales and business development, specifically targeting some of the larger accounts the company had achieved the capacity to service. Landing the cleaning contract for the prestigious Institute for Advanced Learning and Research as one of his first major sales, Conrad initiated a period of rapid growth that continues to this day. With Buddy retiring in 2016, Conrad remains the majority owner and Chief Executive Officer. While things have changed quite a bit in three decades, FCS is still a “family company.”

Industrial Services

As the company expanded its customer base to include more industrial plants, FCS, Inc. was approached by some of these clients with requests for services that went beyond the scope of routine, day-to-day cleaning. Eager to meet the challenge of solving complex cleaning and maintenance problems to satisfy customer needs, FCS Industrial Solutions, LLC was formed in 2014 to specifically handle industrial cleaning for both current and future customers. The firm actively mastered several skill sets to provide FCS, Inc.’s exceptional service at an industrial level.

The new division added high overhead cleaning, silo cleaning, confined space rescue, fire and water damage restoration, hazardous clean-up, and industrial painting as core skills for the firm. FCS Industrial Solutions, LLC operated as a separate legal entity on paper for several years, but was essentially a division of FCS, Inc. In 2017, the decision was made to fold this division back into the legal entity of FCS, Inc., and operate going forward as a sole company with distinct service divisions.

Team members after completing an industrial cleaning job in Danville, VA
Team members after completing an industrial cleaning job in Danville, VA

Safety and Training

Working safely in industrial workspaces means not cutting the quality of service. FCS, Inc. addressed this need early in its formation. The firm employs a professional staff trained in industrial processes and cleaning, including some of the most highly trained safety professionals in the country. Work is performed diligently but safely for the benefit of the customer’s employees and FCS work crews. Safety is a core aspect of FCS, Inc.

After more than 30 years, FCS, Inc. has grown to a multi-million-dollar company. It ranks in the top 4% of building service contractors nationally based on staff size and annual revenues.

FCS, Inc. currently services all types of accounts ranging from small offices to large industrial facilities. The company’s more than 175 employees are 100% focused on the contract needs of the customer’s business and solving often problematic cleaning and waste remediation challenges. The firm routinely services business and industry throughout the mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions and maintains a ‘small business’ mindset for customer service and responsiveness. However, our specialty niches and impeccable reputation have led to specific requests to complete projects as far away as California.

Responsive, Competitive, and Effective

FCS, Inc. is a licensed, insured, Avetta Certified, and an ISNetworld Certified building service contractor. Ask us to bid! We provide free project quotes. After you contact us, we’ll arrange an initial on-site visit and listen to your needs. We target 72 hours or less for visiting your project site within our general service area. When our bid is accepted, we’ll schedule your project with our teams, strive to exceed your expectations, and beat your deadline. For contact, please complete our all-hours Inquiry Form or call 434-250-5901 during normal business hours.

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