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Vacuum Excavation


Expose Underground Utilities Fast and Safe

Vacuum excavation uses suction to expose buried utilities quickly while maintaining a high degree of worker safety. A vac truck precisely removes worksite overburden with no buildup of material near the excavation site. Vacuum excavation services provide a smaller work footprint than a traditional excavator and can eliminate the need to haul in large equipment on a trailer. The process, also known as daylighting excavation, is a safe, gentle excavation method.

FCS, Inc. provides two types of vacuum excavation. They are hydro excavation and air excavation (dry excavation). Both have specific capabilities. Emergency vac truck service is also available.

Hydro Excavation

Water is employed when hydrovacing. A water jet is pointed at the digging location while simultaneously the vacuum sucks up the loose material broken up by the water jet. The hydrovac process creates a very clean excavation very quickly without harming underground structures. It is perfect for fast inspections, adjustments, or repairs to underground structures.

Hydro excavation provides:

  • Precise digging with minimal job site disruption.
  • Increased worker safety.
  • The elimination of static electricity.
  • Speed over traditional backhoe excavation.
  • A faster restoration and cleaner work area.
  • Better removal of clay or rocky soils.
  • More efficient excavation in larger work areas.

Air Excavation

Air or dry excavation is possible when the vac truck lifts the overburden without using water to loosen the soil. Compressed air, no mechanical tools, is used to disturb and loosen soil for suction. While air excavation is similar to hydro excavation, the excavation process is a little slower. There are advantages especially if water is not desired near the excavation site. For example, air vacuum excavation is important for the inspection of natural gas lines. Water jets can degrade the pipe insulation of these lines. They are not desired.

The main advantage to air excavation is the dry nature of any removed material. This material can be returned to the excavated area after project work finishes. Anything taken out can be returned. This is great for areas where workers need to rebury the still during the course of a larger construction project.

Our Fleet

FCS, Inc. employs two vac trucks and one vac trailer for daylighting. The trucks are air movers with high 6,000 CFM units (27 inches of mercury with a 4” hose). They are perfect for dry material removal, including combustible dust inside industrial facilities. These vac trucks are generally used for non-fuel/liquid projects.

The vacuum trailer has a 1,000 gallon self contained diesel unit with a liquid cooled pump. It can suck up and successfully contain industrial liquids, combustible liquids and caustic substances. It is a high CFM unit operating at 20 inches of mercury with a 3-inch hose.

Transportation and Disposal

FCS, Inc. has the capability to transport both hazardous and non-hazardous materials for disposal. A 10-day storage facility is also available while disposal paperwork is processed. Hazardous waste materials will be removed and legally disposed of. There is no additional burden to our clients.

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