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Confined Space Cleaning



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FCS, Inc. provides safe, professional confined space cleaning for industrial production bins, silos, tanks, and vessels of all types.

Our confined space entry teams safely enter highly enclosed, OSHA regulated structures, to perform inspections, maintenance, and cleaning. Industrial tank and silo cleaning is provided under ongoing maintenance contracts or as a stand alone individual project.


Inside Experience

As a confined space cleaning company, FCS, Inc. has a solution for every silo cleaning challenge. Safety training and certifications for confined space entrants are not easily attained. Our confined space entrants maintain their certifications and have years of specialized experience in silo cleaning. They have cleaned, repaired, and performed inspections on a wide variety of tanks and silos.


Safety is our first focus. Our highly-trained confined space entry teams evaluate, plan, execute, recover, and correctly dispose of any treated or untreated waste. We maintain both certified entrants and a qualified rescue team for safe project management within horizontal, vertical, and inclined silo systems.

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FCS, Inc. tank cleaning services provide clean, professional work. A fast turnaround with an experienced team returns your silo, tank, or vessel to service faster. Often we meet or exceed the project time constraints with a high-quality project outcome on a reasonable budget.

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Safely working in a confined space requires team supervision. A FCS supervisor will remain on site to oversee all work and to ensure that all tasks are performed safely and efficiently. When requested prior to project commencement, detailed work reports, including images and video, are provided for auditing.

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Exceeding Standards

Providing ongoing service for outstanding brands.

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Safety is Found in Preparation

FCS’ equipment is approved for confined space use. This includes, but is not limited to, explosion-proof lighting, explosion-proof vacuums, respirators, repelling systems, and tripods. Tools suitable for the appropriate cleaning project are also available.

Our confined space entrants and support crew maintain the following certifications:

Confined Space 1 & 2 Qualified
Confined Space Entrant Certification
Confined Space Rescue Qualified
High Angle Rescue Certification
EMT & CPR Certification

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