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Industrial Hot Water Pressure Washing


Make it shine.

FCS, Inc. provides industrial hot water pressure washing as a simple, but highly effective, cleaning method to remove mildew, grime, and built up contaminants on a variety of facility surfaces. The application of heat, detergents, abrasives, and extremely high pressure to the wash provides numerous cleaning strategies. These options allow flexibility from regular cleaning to water blasting paint removal. Hot water pressure blasting is an indispensable tool for industrial power washing services.

Industrial Hot Water Pressure Washing Services

High pressure blasting is one of the more common methods for heavy industrial cleaning. It employs water under pressure for effective cleaning of both porous and smooth surfaces. Heating the water provides additional cleaning advantages. Hot water pressure blasting with the correct application of detergents can cut easily through cooking, chicken, and axel grease buildup. FCS, Inc. routinely employs vacuum trucks in conjunction with water blasting services to lessen environmental impact while sucking up and disposing of the waste water.

Hot water pressure washing provides the most effective cleaning value. The use of the right detergent helps minimize project cost and potential environmental impacts while boosting cleaning effectiveness. FCS, Inc. can configure its water blasting service to very specific facility needs. The service is very food and disposal friendly. FCS, Inc. provides water jet blasting services with other forms of cleaning.

Wet Sandblasting

There are several striping methods available for paint and rust removal. Water jet sandblasting or water abrasive blasting is a cost effective method to remove loose paint, rust, and debris from metal surfaces generally in preparation for painting. This dustless water blasting method provides superior dust control as the water absorbs most particulate matter.

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