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Fire and Hole Watch


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FCS, Inc. provides professional fire and hole watch services for safety-minded industries. Fire watch duties are a safety check anywhere welding, grinding, cutting, or similar actions are performed, particularly in a location where more than a minor fire could break out. Hole watch duties are a safety check for personnel working inside confined industrial spaces such as tanks or vessels.

FCS, Inc. Industrial Solutions safety teams ensure the safety of your workers and compliance with applicable Federal and state laws. We provide professional fire and hole watch guard services for welding production and all confined space work. Our teams are led by professional firemen who have specific training and experience in industrial safety. They work with your team to ensure the safe and legal completion of your project. FCS, Inc. can ensure your worker safety during a one day project or a one month shutdown.

As a part of your welding team, FCS, Inc. fire watch guards ensures no smoldering fires result from the cutting or welding of metal. Our hole watch guards ensure the safety of all personnel working within a confined space. We ensure proper planning and diligence. In an emergency with the worker, we are responsible for activating the pre-established Emergency Action Plan (EAP).

Fire Watch

FCS, Inc. fire watch personnel are proactive in the containment and elimination of small fires caused by welding sparks. They watch for hazards and sound the alarm when there is an emergency situation during welding. We maintain a presence during the entire work scope and check for hot spots, sparks, or embers remaining after work completion. We maintain the conditions of the safety permit and can stop operations if the permit is violated. This provides time to adjust the project approach for ultimate safety and project success.

Hole Watch

Industrial personnel working in confined spaces may become trapped, hurt, or unconscious in the performance of their duties. We protect entrants from potential entry and operation hazards. We survey the area and look for possible signs of an explosion, fire, or collapse hazards. We pay attention to toxic fumes and the chemical residue that might be in a confined space. We maintain positive communication with the confined space worker. FCS, Inc. hole watch personnel will sound the alarm i there is an emergency. Finally, we make the determination if a work area is a permit-required confined space.

Awareness and Communication

FCS, Inc. personnel also pay attention to the weather and potential hazardous events occurring outside the workspace. Workers, especially those in a confined space, are not generally aware of potential hazards that may affect them from the outside. Communication with the worker is a key component of safety, and we ensure positive communication is maintained throughout any fire and hole watch required project.

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