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Hazmat Clean-up


Exposure to volatile chemical or material contaminants is a serious health threat to individuals that come into contact with them. The proper disposal of industrial waste and other byproducts ensure facilities protect employees and visitors from chemical exposure.

hazardous materials cleaning
Clean-up of machinery exposed to hazardous compounds.

FCS, Inc. is trained in the elimination of chemical spills, material contamination, and other mixed contaminants that require specialized cleaning and disposal. We provide hazardous waste disposal that is responsive and professional with the contaminated site. We follow safe cleanup procedures and plan for a timely removal.

FCS, Inc. is a Hazmat cleanup company interested in solving your most difficult Hazmat cleaning challenges. We work with facility management teams to identify the compounds, create an action plan, and execute the removal of the substance. Whenever possible, we work around your production schedules in order to keep your production running.

Hazardous material cleanup is often related to industry, but actual Hazmat clean-up is not restricted to industry. An overturned truck carrying chemicals, a high school chemistry lab, and even a typical home might require specialized cleaning. The failure to properly remove or mitigate any contaminated space can put all individuals at risk.

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If you need hazmat services, then FCS, Inc. is a great choice. As an industrial cleanup specialist, our hazmat cleanup cost is very price competitive. FCS, Inc. is a licensed, insured, Avetta Certified, and an ISNetworld Certified building service contractor, as well as a Class A General Contractor in the state of Virginia. We use Xactimate for all estimates to insurance providers. Choose FCS, Inc. for fast, quality, professional hazmat services. For contact, please complete our all-hours Inquiry Form or call 434-489-4342 during normal business hours.

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