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High Surface Cleaning


A clean, functional workspace strengthens facility production, creates a healthier working environment, and complies with OSHA requirements. As a combustible dust cleaning contractor, FCS, Inc. provides a factory cleaning service designed to keep your employees focused on production. We provide safe, professional high ceiling cleaning.

overhead cleaning
FCS, Inc. routinely tackles tough overhead cleaning projects. Our teams work to minimize our footprint to keep your facility on task.

High Ceiling Cleaning
OSHA requires the safe removal of combustible dust on rafters, girders, pipes, and overhead fixtures. Combustible dust can include sawdust, plastic, rubber, coal, sugars, grains, paper, textiles metals and other materials that become flamable when agitated. FCS, Inc. avoids sparks by utilizing approved explosion-proof vacuum systems to remove this material safely from ceilings and walls.

Housekeeping and OSHA Fines
FCS, Inc. provides effective combustible dust cleaning for a safe, healthy work environment, better facility insurance coverage terms, and compliance with OSHA housekeeping regulations.

Combustible dust is a proven danger for any industry with enclosed workspaces. OSHA fines can start in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for facilities found out of compliance with their regulations. Industrial cleaning fines can exceed a million dollars for larger facilities with poor housekeeping procedures.

high surface cleaning
FCS, Inc. takes great care removing combustible dust and other debris. Precautions are taken to protect the operational workspace.

Combustible Dust Testing
Many materials often considered hard to burn in solid form become quite reactionary in dust form. FCS, Inc. provides initial dust explosion testing and evaluation to determine the danger level. Corn dust, starch dust, and aluminum dust removal are essential for industries that create these byproducts.

FCS, Inc. is an industrial cleaning business with a strong track record with industiral hygenie. We have the experience and knowhow to provide timely action at a competitive price.

Responsive, Competitive, and Effective
FCS, Inc. is a licensed, insured, Avetta Certified, and an ISNetworld Certified building service contractor. Ask us to bid! We provide free project quotes. After you contact us, we’ll arrange an initial on-site visit and listen to your needs. We target 72 hours or less for visiting your project site within our general service area. When our bid is accepted, we’ll schedule your project with our teams, strive to exceed your expectations, and beat your deadline. For contact, please complete our all-hours Inquiry Form or call 434-489-4342 during normal business hours.

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