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Industrial Waste Disposal Services


Transport Waste Safely

FCS, Inc. provides legal transportation of hazardous waste, non-hazardous waste, and contaminated materials for industrial waste disposal. This typically includes industrial chemical waste as well as all kinds of contaminated soils and rock. We are a fully permitted, licensed, and insured industrial waste management company and will transport most hazardous and industrial waste for proper recycling or disposal.

Lab Packs

When it is time to clean up the lab, FCS, Inc. carries supplies for a lab pack. We know how to employ a Lab Pack for the successful removal and disposal of chemicals and other agents from commercial labs and educational facilities. We’ll arrive, pack up the waste, and we’ll take it away.

Storage Facility

FCS, Inc. maintains a legal ten day storage facility while industrial waste disposal paperwork is processed. All types of waste materials, including industrial chemical waste disposal and hazardous waste materials, are removed safely and disposed of legally. There is no additional burden to our clients.

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