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Waste Minimization & Brokering


Save on the Legal Cost of Industrial Waste

Under Title 40, Code of Federal Regulations (40 CFR), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires both large and small producers of industrial waste to minimize the production of such waste as to reduce an potential impact on the environment. FCS, Inc. provides assistance, correct record keeping, and brokering to meet 40 CFR guidelines and save on waste minimization and disposal costs.

Waste Minimization Under 40 CFR

Waste minimization is a simple concept with big legal ramifications. Industrial waste producers are expected to generate the least amount of waste possible, especially with hazardous materials and liquids. These wastes must be correctly documented and labeled. Transportation must meet legal requirements. Short term storage of the wastes must follow the correct guidelines.

Just taking out the trash becomes very daunting.


FCS, Inc. can handle your industrial waste minimization requirements in two ways. First, we ensure your waste complies with Federal standards. This protects you legally from the EPA and other government agencies. Second, we reduce the disposal cost of your waste with a strong understanding of how the EPA wants various types of waste disposed of.

We employ consolidation with other waste producers to help keep everyone’s costs down. One full load of similar waste materials is cheaper, by volume, than a half load. Our brokering also negotiates the best disposal method for clients in terms of overall costs and Federal requirements.

In addition to brokering waste, we are a fully permitted, licensed, and insured industrial waste management company and will transport most hazardous and industrial waste for proper recycling or disposal.

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