Water Damage Repair


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FCS, Inc. provides water damage clean up and repair. Our water damage restoration team can quickly remove water from a structure, clean up mold, repair damage, and restore the property to its previous condition.

Highly Experienced Professionals

Water damage in a structure is a disruptive and stressful experience for most homeowners. FCS, Inc. provides professional business and home restoration with an experienced contractor team. Our team provides fast, friendly, and capable water cleanup and structural restoration. We are a disaster repair and disaster cleanup company that is considerate of your home and personal belongings. We clean factories, so we can easily clean and repair your home. We go there.

Water Damage Restoration

What can you expect? When the FCS, Inc. crew arrives, they will begin removal of the water with pumps, mops, and by opening drains. If a plumber is still required to fix or shut off broken pipes, they will get a plumber to correct the cause of water damage. If flood damage is the issue, then the water surrounding the structure must recede before water removal begins. The total amount of water in a structure determines the time needed for a water damage fix.

Our team will even cleanup raw sewage and other biological contaminants. FCS, Inc. has the capability.

Stick to a Plan

After water removal, the FCS, Inc. team will assess the water damage and develop a restoration plan for the structure. This plan is usually in partnership with your insurance company. As a homeowner, you’re allowed by law to select the water removal contractor of your choice. Please consider the FCS water restoration team. We provide free quotes for all work. We are professional. We are fast. We are courteous. We stick to the plan.

After you have chosen your restoration contractor, work begins by removing any damaged drywall, carpet, veneers, furniture, and fixtures as needed. If the water damage occurred in the kitchen, the removal of the countertops and cabinets, especially the lower cabinets, might be required. Flooring might need to be replaced, including the substrate depending on the substrate type. Carpet extraction, cleaning, and deodorizing can return rugs to new without additional replacement costs. In all cases, the FCS, Inc. home restoration team will attempt to salvage and preserve as much of the original fixtures as possible. This will save you money!


The final phase involves replacement. The FCS, Inc. water damage restoration team ensure that all repairs and replacements are carried out in a timely, effective manner, and that the quality of the work is such that your home or business will be returned as close to its previous condition as possible.

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If you need water in basement removed, or especially large volumes of water extracted quickly, then FCS, Inc. is a great choice. As an industrial cleanup specialist, our water damage assessment of the cost is very price competitive. We have industrial pumps and industrial dehumidifiers capable of drying out a home quickly. FCS, Inc. is a licensed, insured, Avetta Certified, and an ISNetworld Certified building service contractor, as well as a Class A General Contractor in the state of Virginia. We use Xactimate for all estimates to insurance providers. Choose FCS, Inc. for fast, quality, professional water restoration. Call our 24/7 water damage repair hotline at 434-920-2846 to schedule a free estimate.