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FCS Contracted To Help Facilities Combat COVID-19


FCS Contracted To Help Facilities Combat COVID-19

With so much uncertainty currently surrounding COVID-19, commonly known as Coronavirus, many facilities are looking for ways to be proactive in protecting their employees and customers. While having a thorough and professional cleaning performed is certainly not a “cure all” for guarding against an outbreak, it can be a part of an effective program for overall health. FCS has been contracted by several large clients to provide a wide range of services designed to sanitize “high touch points” and other key areas throughout their facilities. FCS has a number of application methods for industrial sanitizers and disinfectants, including electrostatic sprayers. Our staff are trained in the use of all chemicals, bloodborne pathogens certified, and HAZWOPER40 certified. Listed below are a few of the things your facility should consider if health is a concern.

1. Make sure that hand sanitizer and hand wash stations are readily available throughout the facility. Personal hygiene is key for preventing the spread of germs and illness. You may want to consider better signage encouraging use of these stations on a regular basis.

2. Reconsider unnecessary personal contact. Things like a simple handshake can spread germs and illness.

3. If you have a fever, or other potential illness indicators, stay at home.

4. Have a good cleaning and disinfection program in place for both prevention and response. This should involve a plan for daily activities designed to help prevent the spread of disease, periodic “deep disinfection” efforts, and a plan for a full “top down” disinfection should a known case of COVID-19 have been present in your facility. This typically will mean you partner with a professional cleaning company or employ an industry expert or consultant to help you develop your own “in house” plan.

If your facility wants to explore options, give FCS a call today to see what we may be able to assist you with!