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FCS Continues Rapid Expansion


FCS Continues Rapid Expansion

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As 2022 continues to march along, so does the expansion in service offerings and area for FCS. Starting in 2015, FCS began an aggressive campaign to expand our industrial services division across an ever growing region. With a focus on large manufacturing clients, the company began making headway throughout several states by landing multiple large projects in a variety of industries. As we completed one project, that customer almost always had another need in either the same plant or at a sister site elsewhere. With a commitment to customer satisfaction and a mindset that every problem has a solution, FCS quickly came to be known as the company to call when you did not know who to call.

By 2022, FCS had completed jobs across 19 different states for numerous clients. Many of our customers are among the most recognizable names in the manufacturing space. While all of our services stem from one of three areas (cleaning, painting, or safety), the scope and requirements of each project can vary wildly from site to site. Whether it be busting out tens of thousands of pounds of hardened cornmeal from a grain silo, painting 150′ tall towers, or providing confined space rescue and safety assistance for a major brewery FCS is always up to the challenge.

With a team of highly trained, highly adaptable staff FCS has solved countless issues for clients over the years. Many of these clients had become frustrated with previous companies who either could not, or would not, come up with a solution for whatever unique challenge was found. In this business, you quickly learn that no two manufacturing facilities are the same. Most problems require an “outside the box” approach in order to truly address the issue and get the facility back to a safe and functional production environment. If you have a problem you are not sure how to attack, the chances are FCS does. Give us a call and find out how we can help!