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FCS Completes COVID19 Decontamination Services for Multiple Customers


FCS Completes COVID19 Decontamination Services for Multiple Customers

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Over the past few weeks, our company has received numerous requests for a wide range of services related to the current COVID19 (Coronavirus) pandemic in our country. We are assisting customers with readiness planning, preventative disinfection services, and complete facility sanitation after both suspected and confirmed cases in the workplace. Our company features some of the most qualified technicians in the country to handle hazardous work environments of all types, including the conditions presented by infectious diseases. With the current state of affairs, there is a lot of confusion related to how to best prepare your facility. Listed below are some suggestions to keep in mind as you consider the best fit for your facilities.

1. Encourage your staff to take all “best practice” suggestions seriously. This includes working from home when possible, maintaining proper personal space, consider PPE such as surgical masks, and routinely wash and/or sanitize your hands.

2. Ramp up your daily cleaning efforts around the facility, especially for “touch points” like door handles, rails, and restroom fixtures. Ensure that you are using cleaning products that are specifically designed for killing the coronavirus, and that you are using those products correctly.

3. Consider implementing screening processes for each person that enters the facility. This should include temperature checks and a brief question session to verify that the person coming in has not been exposed over the last two weeks.

4. Consider having a qualified company “on call” in the event that you have a confirmed or suspected case in your facility. Keep in mind that this may need to be a company with a skill set above and beyond your daily janitorial service. Team members should have hazardous materials training and bloodborne pathogens training, and the company should carry the appropriate liability and workers’ compensation coverage to complete these tasks. The company should provide all workers with appropriate personal protective equipment (Tyvek suits, respirators, gloves, etc.) and special equipment such as electrostatic foggers should be used.

These are just a few basic ideas to plan ahead for your facility. Give us a call to discuss ways we can help safeguard your facilities!