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FCS Industrial Solutions Awarded Equipment Cleaning Contract


FCS Industrial Solutions Awarded Equipment Cleaning Contract

A man signing an industrial cleaning contract in Danville, VA

FCS Industrial Solutions has been awarded the contract for equipment cleaning at a major manufacturing facility in Virginia.

FCS Industrial Solutions will be providing production equipment cleaning services for a major industrial plant in the state of Virginia. The project will consist of regular and routine cleaning of various pieces of production equipment used to produce laminate flooring and panels. We will be providing technicians who will descale all surfaces of the equipment before treating them with a clear coat product designed to reduce product jams during production.

The chemicals required for this process are classified as potentially hazardous, so all FCS Industrial Solutions technicians will be certified materials handlers and NIOSH certified.

By outsourcing this function, our customer has been able to focus on their core business and reduce their liability associated with chemical usage and handling. Just another example of how we can solve problems, reduce production downtime, increase safety, and save our customers money.


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