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combustible dust and high ceiling cleaning

How Dangerous is Combustible Dust in Your Facility?

Combustible dust is one of the most under-recognized hazards in industrial facilities. This is because many people, even safety professionals, are unaware of how common combustible dust is and how dangerous it can be. Combustible dust is present in nearly every manufacturing and industrial processing facility across the globe — from aerospace and auto manufacturing…
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A contract for industrial cleaning of combustible dust in Tennessee.

FCS to Assist Tennessee Boat Maker with Combustible Dust

FCS, Inc. has been employed to assist a major Tennessee boat manufacturing company by getting, and keeping, their combustible dust under acceptable levels. We will be providing combustible dust vacuuming services throughout manufacturing areas in two (2) different plants in central Tennessee. All work will be performed using certified combustible dust vacuuming systems, and overhead…
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